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video submission

The EliteSquad are now running a TOP PLAY for PUBG, Fortnite and Sea of Thieves.


We'll be hosting these on our Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and Twitter sites!

Your submission should be unique and not hosted anywhere else in similar videos.
They should be exceptional play - i.e. 5 kills in a row, headshots over a massive distance or gripping strategy that dominates the screen for example.

Please don't submit a single kill in PUBG :)

Tips to get your video featured:
High quality (1080p, 60 fps preferred)
No music, no montages, no edits
Length 30-90 seconds
Max 3 submissions per person (so choose your best clips only)


In this box, please submit some text describing what happened and why this is your best play.

Be sure to include the link to the video file (ideally YouTube - make sure it's publicly viewable) and who you'd like crediting for the video (could be your Twitch name for example):

Alternatively, you can contact us on Discord by clicking below: