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EliteSquad May - Squad Tournament

There are 4 tournament nights in the month of May - all of which will be streamed to Twitch.
Each night will feature 4 games back to back!
This time we've adopted the PUBG ESports points scoring system - meaning each position and each kill count to the OVERALL total (not your best play like in earlier tournament games).

Slot Date Start Time (UK local) Special details
Game 1 Friday 3rd May 7.30PM
Game 2 Saturday 11th May 7.30PM
Game 3 Friday 17th May 7.30PM
Game 4 Saturday 25th May 7.30PM


Everyone is eligible to enter but your team is your team for the duration of the tournament. No subs!
There is NO entry fee. Nadda. None at all!
I'll be streaming/commentating as usual :)

Game style
We're going to play a total of 16 games over 4 nights. Games will be either a Friday or a Saturday as per the above schedule.
1 game Sanhok, 1 game Vikendi, 1 game Erangel and 1 game Mirimar per night. Every game counts!

Points and Prizes
Points will be awarded for P1 - P16 and also points per kill. More details on the website soon.
Prizes to be confirmed in the next week or so - but will be a combination of cash, season passes and skins/clothing items!

Streaming is fine - but you must have a 5 minute delay!

The rules are as follows:
4 x rounds of the EliteSquad custom server tournament mode per night.

Game rules

x 1.5 loot on AR
x 1.5 medical
x 1.5 on scopes/sights/muzzle attachments
x 2 loot on sniper rifles

20% faster zones
Standard circle damage
Circle location known when jumping
First circle 20% smaller than standard
Weather variable
x 2 care packages


Each kill is worth 16 points! In addition to this - each position gets points as follows:

Placement Points Placement Points
1st 400 9th 100
2nd 330 10th 80
3rd 280 11th 60
4th 240 12th 40
5th 210 13th 30
6th 180 14th 20
7th 150 15th 10
8th 120 16th 0