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Setting the standard for community gaming

by The_Pilot


Created for gamers who wish to play serious games - EliteSquad's Community of Gamers gives everyone the chance to get involved in online games as a community, playing and learning together and having great fun along the way!

We organise daily custom games against each other, host a number of monthly tournaments as well as against other Clans for fun.

Created in 2017 by enthusiasts, we're here to bring fun for solo individuals or groups of friends primarily playing the very popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegroundsand and soon to be other gaming platforms (i.e. B44, CS:GO etc) as the community increases in size! We have a thriving discord and Twitch following (please check us out!) and love to meet new people online to play with. So jump in and say hello, or get involved in the next community event!

We support new and small streamers and get involved in custom game nights where the community is at it's strongest. All of this is streamed to twitch via many of our members - so come check us out and get involved.

by The_Pilot


Like many gaming communities, here at EliteSquad we use the brilliant (and free!) Discord platform for connecting our users via voice. We also use this for recuiting players each day to get involved in our games, passwords for private games etc.

Simply click the link above or click "Connect" below to join us.

Discord is the FREE online voice chat platform we use for public games, training with your teams and for use during competitions. Please click here to join us on Discord.