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On this page we have collected the most popular questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you may have.

  • How do I register a squad?
  • Do I have to buy a subscription?
  • How does the scoring work?
  • How many games are played in the league?
  • What happens in Discord and why do I need to be on there?
  • I don't have a team mate/squad, can I still play?
Simply register your duo team on our website here - you also need to be a member of our Discord here. Once registered, we will tag you on Discord and add you to the PUBG Competitor group, giving you access to the chat rooms, passwords for servers etc.
There is a significant amount of effort for the four man team behind EliteSquad to maintain the league and to ensure there are suitable prizes each month. For the open tournaments that are FREE, you don't need to be a Patreon supporter. However - if you like playing in our Custom games or you want to play in our Closed Tournaments (with prizes/money available), then you will need to be a subscriber.
Scoring is based on placement and kills. See the bigger section below for more details.
Each monthly league will have 6 games (plus scrims which do not count) - of which your TOP 3 scores will be counted in the overall standings. This is done so if teams cannot commit to the same 3 games as others, then there is a fair chance for everyone to win big. The combination of kills vs placement should ensure different results each game.
All duo teams have a team number, and their team will play within a dedicated discord channel. Much like in GLL, the team leads will get the password for the custom server at the beginning of each game. All this info is passed in our discord - as well as live results, standings, next events, delay announcements etc as well as general gaming, custom games and banter. We are a community of likeminded individuals, and we are doing this for fun.
Join us on Discord and get involved with the community. We have many players looking for a duo partner they are compatible with. Very soon (October 2018) we will be running solo tournaments too.


Below is how the EliteSquad score individual games.
Scoring is based on position AND the number of kills per team.

    Position Points
    1 25 points
    2 18 points
    3 12 points
    4 9 points
    5 5 points
    6 2 points
    Per Kill 5 points