Abouthow this all works

The basics

We are a community of PC gamers that like to get involved in online gameplay across a number of different gaming platforms (i.e. PUBG, CS:GO, Insurgency, Escape from Tarkov, League of Legends etc). Members are from all corners of the planet (don't worry, we aren't flat-earthers!) therefore have a 24x7 presence online.

Members get access to community organised events, dedicated channels away from the general pubic and where possible, dedicated community events and tournaments.

We also have a growing presence on Twitch, where we stream the best of our gameplay and members join in daily. We also support fellow streamers within our discord with link promotion, joining of channels etc to provide support to everyone!

Discord is the FREE online voice chat platform we use for public games, training with your teams and for use during competitions. Please click here to join us on Discord.